Give Every Child a Chance

Educate the future

“I want an opportunity”                     “I want to learn”

“I want to be a doctor”                 “I want to be a teacher”           “I want to study finance”

These are the voices of self-motivated and ambitious children in Pakistan. Every aspiring student wants to reach their goal. Every child dreams to be someone. The lack of financial means should never be an obstacle.

The Tanveer Rana Memorial Trust is a small but growing family-run charitable trust based in Karachi. Its aim is to provide financial support to aspiring students who may not have the means to access their educational opportunities.

To date, we have funded students who have gone on to pursue careers in technology, finance, medicine, and pharmacy.

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Our Goal

We aim to provide need-based funding to self-motivated students of all age ranges with a particular focus on ensuring students have access to reputable private schools and post-secondary education.



Any student who demonstrates the desire learn should never be without a quality education for lack of financial means



We believe in equal opportunity, integrity, passion, and kindness



A society built by childrens' dreams. Your contribution can help them achieve their ambitions.

What supporters say about us

May Allah reward the work of the TRMT and the young souls whom they help and enable us to make the world a better place by reaching out to those who need our help. Samina Rana has been working closely with these families and her dedication and efforts are highly commendable. May Allah grant her tawfiq to continue her good work.
I am honored to have this opportunity to support an orphan through the TRUST. The trust has a strong relationship with the families and the sponsored children, opening a world of opportunities for some of the most vulnerable children.
I’m so honored and humbled to be able to be a sponsor. It is a great feeling to know that we are making a difference to someone’s life through an organization we know and trust. May Allah reward you all for all the endless and tiresome work that you do. May it be heavy on your scales. Ameen
The Tanveer Rana Memorial Trust has created the means for the aspiring youth in Pakistan to reach their goals. Alhamdulillah I feel grateful to Allah SWT to have the opportunity to give back to society, what is considered a privilege to so many - a basic right to education.
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