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We seek to identify families who have a genuine need for financial assistance. Once a family is recommended through a school or the community network, we begin the process of vetting. This process can take from 3 to 6 months. This includes visiting the schools where the children are enrolled, checking the references and meeting with their teachers. In addition, we review the student’s school reports. Based on this assessment and the parent’s genuine financial need, and the child’s capability and motivation, we then make the decision to sponsor the child for partial or full tuition.


Tuition fees vary from public to private schools across ages (primary, secondary and undergraduate degree programs). The estimated amounts below include the annual tuition, and the cost of school supplies, uniforms, and transportation.

$9/mo or $108/yr

$100/mo or $1200/yr

$150- $200/mo or $1800 – $2400/yr

$200-400/mo or up to $2400-4800/yr


Current Students


Primary School Students


Secondary School Students


University Students


Successfully educated

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools